The surrounding area. Experience Duisburg!

Hotel Rheingarten is the ideal place for guests that thrive to not only discover but experience Duisburg to it's fullest. Located right at the Rhine you can set out to take a boat trip up and down the Rhine or discover other highlights of the surrounding area.

Duisburg is located at the conjunction of the Ruhr and Rhine rivers and belongs to both the Niederrhein and the Ruhrgebiet regions. It is the fifth-largest city of Northrhinewestfalia. The area and city offer a vast amount of recreational, cultural and sporting activities.

The industrial culture formative to the region and it's appearance can be explored in the form of the landscape park Duisburg-Nord, the harbor district Ruhrort and the inner port located on the edge of the city center. These sites are the main attractions to the regions characteristic industry. The landscape park Duisburg-Nord features a highlight with it's light installation that turns the former cottage scenery into a colorfully illuminated 'postmodern fairy-tale castle'.

Duisburg also offers great opportunities to stroll and shop: CityPalais and Forum Duisburg are multiple thousand square meter retail and gastronomy havens that also offer space for recreational activities.

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